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Client Testimonials

"This is the first time I've gone through a home inspection, although not the first home I have owned.  I have heard many of my friends complain that the home inspection was a waste of money and they never found anything.  I was more than pleasantly surprised at the high quality of the inspection and report, and the best part was the outstanding customer service.  Greg was able to find more items that needed attention than we did during our house tour and he prioritized them to make it easy to decide what to fix first.  I really appreciate the friendly and prompt service and would use Prime Property Inspections if I buy another house in the area!"

Amanda C.          October 2014


"Very professional and I respect your assessment of our new home."

Kim K.          November 2014


"Thank you Greg!  We were all impressed by your knowledge and professionalism.  I will recommend you to any I know that is in need of your services.  My inspection experience was excellent."

Dave R.          April 2015


"Paid attention to our concerns."

Andy P.          May 2015


"Very fast service.  Called Sunday night, inspection done by Monday night.  We were very happy with the whole experience.  Very professional."

Sheldon W.          June 2015


"The inspection was very thorough."

Hristo P.          June 2015


"Thank you very much.  You saved us a lot of time and money as the seller was not very honest with her report on the condition of the trailer.  Have a good weekend and thanks again."

Randy R.          August 2015


"Inspector was very helpful in answering questions.  So many maintenance guys make you feel like a moron if you ask a question & Greg didn't do that at all.  Also it looks like the Home Owner's Manual will be helpful."

Vince G.          September 2015


"Thank you for taking close look at things of heightened concern for us."

Nathan H.       October 2015


"Clear and concise analysis.  No fluff.  Used common sense."

Sue J.            November 2015


"Such detailed inspection.  I'd say Greg did an excellent inspection of our future home."

Roy T.           December 2015


"Seemed very complete."

Pat F.            January 2016


"Didn't rush us through the walkthrough."

Chris V.         January 2016


"Very informational.  The book on Home To Operate Your Home - Love It.  Especially like knowing I can call Greg for any questions."

Becky S.        March 2016


"Went into extreme detail.  Especially like the report and guide."

Alli K.            March 2016


"Especially liked the speed of availability and speed of digital copy."

Lucas R.        April 2016


"Thorough, friendly and professional."

Glenn Z.        April 2016


"Especially liked the detailed report and the home guide book was a nice gift.  Thank you - we appreciated your service."

Trapper W.    April 2016


"Book on home operations helpful.  Very professional, prompt.  Great at helping us deal with a problem."

Stephanie O. April 2016


"Especially liked the promptness and professionalism."

Willard R.      September 2016


"Greg was upfront & honest with us about everything."

Ariel L.         September 2016


"Thorough, east to understand, didn't rush."

Jared E.       September 2016


"Showed us & explained the specific concerns.  Especilly liked the reference manual.  Sent completed survey & pictures which can be used during final walk through."

Steve B.       October 2016


"Greg was very thorough in his inspection.  We are completely satisfied.  I appreciated the hard copy of the inspection."

Sam H.        November 2016


"Seem very professional and thorough."

Steve A.       December 2016


"I appreciated your time addressing each individual concern.  I also really appreciated the education and book provided."

Kim N.          January 2017


"Greg of Prime Property Inspections was great!  Friendly, professional, affordable.  Very thorough results sent to us via email just hours after  completion of the inspection on Friday as well as a hard copy booklet of the report along with a homeowners care guide in the mail on Monday!  Very impressed and will refer others to this business in the future.  Thanks!!"

Whitney B.    April 2017


"Great customer service.  I appreciate the fact that if I have a question now or two years from now on the house, Greg is willing to answer our questions.  Greg was very thorough in explaining his findings.  A lot of what he found we would have never known needed to be fixed.  We appreciated that he came with us through the final walk through as well, as there was one thing that didn't appear was fixed."

Kaitlin B.      April 2017


"Prompt service, professional service.  Great report and guide."

Orville E.      May 2017


"We liked how knowledgeable and friendly Greg was.  Very friendly and willing to answer our questions."

Jared M.       June 2017


"Responsive, professional, thorough."

Drake C.       June 2017


"Greg was great to work with."

Jerilyn S.      July 2017


"Prompt, Professional, Personable, Thorough."

Roger L.        August 2017


"Very thorough, friendly, good explanations."

Amanda D.    September 2017


"Very detailed and courteous in explaining any issues.  Greg helped identify solutions vs just pointing out the problem!  Especially liked the detailed inspection report & home manual.  Greg was excellent to work with."

Katie B.        October 2017


"Greg got back to me very quickly.  Available next day. Home inspection report emailed and mailed quickly."

Kayla B.        December 2017


"Quick contact.  Easy to understand when explaining things."

Brian S.         February 2018


"Straightword.  Honest.  Responsive.  Good Followup."

Kim K.           April 2018


"Greg went into detail on everything found and made sure I understood."

Morgan G.      May 2018


"Timely, Professional, Personable."

Nancy L.        July 2018


"Especially liked colored pictures, Red circles and Arrows, Emailed and hard copy mailed."

Elizabeth P.    August 2018

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